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Chocolate and peanuts and salt, oh my!

by on June 12, 2011

The full name is Green and Black’s Organic Milk Chocolate with caramelized peanuts and a hint of sea salt, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue with quite the same meter.

I picked this up today at the Omaha Whole Foods, which is a fabulous market replete with bar after bar of  fussy prepared food to complement the fussy prepackaged food.  There was also a pretty decent variety of free samples.  We each had a child’s size cup of gelato.  B had cookies and cream, his favorite, and I had vanilla with chocolate almond lacey cookies crumbled in.  The laceys are sold at Whole Foods, as well, and I’d been eyeing them while we browsed, but the gelato seemed as good a vehicle as any, so I went with that.  It was fine, pretty typical of American gelato:  the vanilla base itself didn’t have much flavor; the laceys were chewy and chocolatey; and I was left just a tad disappointed.

But this post is not titled:  Mediocre Gelato.  To the task at hand…

The caramelized peanut and sea salt chocolate bar.

This is pretty darn awesome.  The salt and chocolate combo is something I’ve been hearing about for awhile now, but haven’t really explored.  Lesson learned.  Consider me on it.  The sea salt cuts the sweetness of the milk chocolate in a really lovely way.  It melts nicely on the tongue and the range of flavors imparted as the warmth of the chocolate fills your mouth is incredible.  Salty sweet perfection.  But the real stars of the show are the caramelized peanuts.  I’m not usually a big fan of nuts in my chocolate.  Mr. Goodbar?  Shrug.  Peanut cluster?  No thanks.  But those are plain peanuts, a sort of 6 or 7 on the crunch scale, especially when enrobed in chocolate.  These caramelized peanuts, however, are a definite 9.  They’re crunchy and salty and make me want to follow each nibble with another.  This is good stuff.


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